The Monrovia Schools Foundation is proud to offer summer enrichment programs that would allow high school students the chance to participate in credit programs that stimulate their minds and exercise their bodies. Each course costs $425 and includes all necessary supplies and materials.

Monrovia Schools Foundation Summer Enrichment Programs 2017: High School Program
June 15th through July 20th
7:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m., Monday – Friday
No School July 3 & 4
Monrovia High School
Breakfast and lunch are provided at no additional cost to the student.

Available Classes

Grade Level: 9th through 12th
10 unit course: Meets CSU/UC A-G Requirements

Course Description: In Chemistry, students will learn about Matter and change, atomic and molecular structures of substances, chemical bonds, conservation of matter and stoichiometry, gas properties, acids and bases, solutions, thermodynamics, nuclear processes, chemical equilibrium, and reaction rates.