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Where Your Money Goes

The Foundation presents its gift to the District each fall. The funds are designated for specific programs that impact all students, and across all grade levels. The District and the Foundation work together to determine the allocations.

Our primary focus this year is improving our student/teacher ratio. MUSD’s plan for the fall is that our early elementary grades will be at 30:1. We don’t believe that this is best for our kids and seek to maintain our current ratio of 25:1 and hope that we will soon be able to return to 20:1. Additionally if funds are available we are will support essential enrichment programs and schools safety.

Through these important programs and sponsorships, Monrovia Schools Foundation has invested in the future of this community by supporting a positive learning environment, championing greater student achievement, and providing exciting enrichment opportunities for MUSD students and their families.

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Thank you for your donations!

Green Anne Huse – $1,000
E. Couturier – $200
Tom Treager – $100 – “For Great Schools!”
Bob Packer – $100 – (MADHS – Winter ’51) & Dorothy Gates Packer (MADHS – June’52)
Brian Ulm – $100
Turner & Stevens Live Oak Memorial Park & Mortuary – $250
Linda Jones Simmons – $100
Joe and Denise Lumarda – $100
Betty Sandford – $500
Wendy’s Hamburgers – $100
Wadie and Nabila Malak – $50
Prior Foundation Funded Activities:

  • Music programs
  • Schools Libraries
  • Arts
  • Teacher grants
  • Sponsorship of special events such as Parent Institute and Monrovia Elementary Olympics
  • College Scholarships